Track Your Energy Usage Effortlessly

Leastric is an energy management solution to monitor and manage your energy usage. Know your energy usage by tracking it is the first step of your energy efficiency.

Providing a solution to read and process your electricity usage data by presenting the whole view of your electricity data to your mobile application or web dashboard.

Leastric Dashboard and Application

Start tracking your energy usage now!

It’s never been easier to track your energy usage. Our solution helps you with the following :

      Real-time energy usage data

      Actionable data analysis

      100% Protection and Security of your data

Home Solution

Business Solution

Boost your Productivity

Leastric will help you maximize and boost your productivity.


What is Leastric?

Leastric is an Indonesian Start-Up that designed to monitor and manage your electricity usage anywhere and anytime. Check out our solution for your business or your home!

How does Leastric work?

Leastric helps you to collect and analyze your electricity usage data by using the internet to send those data to your mobile applications or web dashboards.  To get more information about how Leastric works for your home or business, you can contact us for a free consultation.

What is the benefits of using Leastric?

By using our solutions, both business and your home have some benefits.

For your business, Leastric can help you to manage your cost, improve productivity and also save processing time for your analysis and management.

For your home, by tracking and understanding your electricity usage, you can take direct action which will lead you to save your energy.

Is my data safe?

We ensure that user data will not be shared with anyone. Data will only be used by Leastric for product improvement to provide better services to users. For details, read our privacy & policy.

I am still undecided, Is there a way I know how much electricity usage I used before I purchase Leastric solutions?

Yes, there is a way for you to know how much electricity usage you already used. We have a simulation feature that will allow you to estimate how much you already used. You can download di app from App Store or Google Play Store.

To know the detail on how much you used, you need to contact us to buy and install Leastric solutions.


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