What is Leastric?

Leastric is an Indonesian Start-Up that designed to monitor and manage your electricity usage anywhere and anytime. Check out our solution for your business or your home!

How does Leastric work?

Leastric helps you to collect and analyze your electricity usage data by using the internet to send those data to your mobile applications or web dashboards.  To get more information about how Leastric works for your home or business, you can contact us for a free consultation.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our solutions depends on your needs.

For business, we will need to have a preliminary survey so we can give you the best solution including the price. Contact us for more information.

For your home, you will have various price options to choose from. You can check it on our website for home solutions or you can contact us for more information.

What is the benefits of using Leastric?

By using our solutions, both business and your home have some benefits. 

For your business, Leastric can help you to manage your cost, improve productivity and also save processing time for your analysis and management.

For your home, by tracking and understanding your electricity usage, you can take direct action which will lead you to save your energy.

I am still undecided, Is there a way I know how much electricity usage I used before I purchase Leastric solutions?

Yes, there is a way for you to know how much electricity usage you already used. We have a simulation feature that will allow you to estimate how much you already used. You can download di app from App Store or Google Play Store.

To know the detail on how much you used, you need to contact us to buy and install Leastric solutions.

What if the internet goes down?

If the Internet connection is lost, your data will still be recorded and stored. After the internet returns to normal, Leastric will send the data again to the server.

Is my data safe?

We ensure that user data will not be shared with anyone. Data will only be used by Leastric for product improvement to provide better services to users. For details, read our privacy & policy.

Home Solution

Is there any specific requirement for home solutions?

Yes, for the home solution, currently Leastric can be used in a single-phase home that has 900VA, 1300VA, 2200VA, 4400VA, 5500VA, or 6600 VA power.

If you did not know whether your home is a single-phase or three-phase, you can contact us to get a free consultation.

How many Leastric devices are needed for one house?

It depends on how many PLN meters you have in the house. If the PLN meter is only one, you will only need one device to be installed on your Main Mini Circuit Board (MCB). For more information and clarity on how many devices can be installed at your home, you can contact us directly through email or What’s Up Messenger.

How does Leastric detect electronics in my house?

We have a database of appliances on our server. When you turn on an appliance in your home, our servers intelligently look for the electrical characteristics of the appliance that are currently active on our server. So that appliances that are currently active can be recognized by our servers.

How can Leastric devices send the data to the Leastric app?

Leastric devices use a Wi-Fi connection to send the data to the server. After that, the server sends data to the user’s smartphone application.

I have several MCBs at home, but only have one PLN meter. How is the installation?

Leastric device will be installed on the main MCB in your house.

Is it safe if I want to install it myself?

Installation of the Leastric device is easy and practical. However, we recommend doing the installation by someone experienced in electricity. We are not responsible for unwanted events due to negligence in carrying out the installation. If you need installation assistance, contact us and our team is ready to assist you.

Is using and installing Leastric solutions in the house allowed?

Yes, because the Leastric device will be installed on the MCB after the PLN meter circuit.

Business Solution

I own a boarding house. Is Leastric can help me determine how much energy usage used for each tenants I had?

Yes, we can help you to determine how much each tenant used their energy in their rooms. By determining the usage, you can also determine how much rent they need to pay if the rent includes the electricity. 

Contact us for more information and how we can help you further.

Can I use Leastric solutions by using my existing meter without replacing it?

Yes, you can. However, we need to have a field survey first before we can determine whether the data from your existing meter can be extracted. 

Contact us to get free consultation and field survey for your business.

As a building management, how Leastric can help us in managing our energy?

As building management, we know you need to manage your building efficiently. We can advise you on the solutions that customize only for your buisness. For you to get the best solutions from us, contact us for more information and to get a free consultation.

Do we have to pay extra fee for software updates?

If the updates are simple updates, it will be free. However, if the updates are a new feature from our solutions, It depends on the payment you choose for our solutions.

Contact us for more information about how each payment structures benefit your business.

Can we used multi users in Leastric web dashboard?

Yes, it can be used for multi-users. We will customize it based on your business needs. 

Contact us to get a consultation on how we can give you the best solution for your business.


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